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The Ferguson Family
Jeff Ferguson
Tribute to Jeff


Terrie and Jeff Ferguson started Put On The Feedbag Catering in 1987 as a family owned and operated catering company. The Fergusons started catering to local companies as well as to those in the areas surrounding Adams County.

Cooking on site was something that the Fergusons decided would set the company apart from others. And it definitely has. Catering to companies, weddings, personal events, as well as concession were things that Feedbag focuses on. As a full time caterer, Feedbag pays attention to the smallest details whether it is catering for large groups or at small events.


As time went, the Feedbag family grew with two children, Candace and Dylan, who help with the family business as well. Both the kids learned the value of working hard. They learned to cook, order, work on equipment, as well as deal with clients.

The children are both married. Candace and husband Kyle have two children, Lainey and Carlee, while Dylan and wife Morgan were just recently married.

In 2013 Jeff passed away from a illness but Feedbag Catering has continued to thrive. Jeff taught us all to love what you do and no one would treat you better than yourself. Our Feedbag family makes him proud everyday.


We would love the opportunity to cater your next event. Give The Feedbag a call.

Guys Cooking Together
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